Next Meeting Wednesday, September 17, 6:00 p.m., Room B10

2014 New Track and Field

In the fall of 2014, Kentridge will have a new Track and Field! This will be a turf field similar to the ones at Kent Meridian, and Kentlake. Construction of a new storage building for football, soccer and track is scheduled to begin in Summer of 2014. The new track and football field construction has finished. Read more...


New 2014-2015 Executive Board

The new 2014-2015 Booster Club Executive Board has been selected. At the end of the school year meeting, Mrs. Kim Kaiser volunteered to become the 3rd KR Booster Club president. She was last year's vice president and was influencial in all of the club's activities. Her participation next year will guarantee that the group will continue on with the progress made by the 2013-2014 board.

Booster Club Executive Board History

In addition to Mrs. Kaiser, Mr. Dan Randolph has volunteered to become the new vice-president of the board. Mr. Randolph is actively involved at KR, helping the track team and supporting his son's and daughter's teams and activities. We welcome Mr. Randolph and know that he will become an influencial member of the board.

Mr. and Mrs. Shine have volunteered to be co-secretaries for the board. This position was vacant last year due to a last minute resignation. Their role will provide much needed support to the success of our communication with the rest of the booster club.

Mrs. Anita Kallish has volunteered to be the new treasurer. Mrs. Kallish is an active member of the Kentridge PTSA group. She currently has a daughter and son who are members of the track and cross country teams.

The new board has their first meeting on July 10th at 6:00 p.m. at the Wild Garlic restaurant in Fairwood located adjacent to the Fairwood Albertson's parking lot.

A special thank you to last year's board for their service, especially our outgoing president, Mr. Cameron Thompson. Mr. Thompson served the past two year as president and accomplished several of the goals setup when he took office. The first success was to increase the membership of the group. The second major step was to move the club from simply provided checking accounts to member teams, to providing financial support. Thank you, Mr. Thompson. Your legacy will continue on.

Thank you, also, to Mrs. Lori Flemming for her service as our board treasurer. Her skilled financial organization made operations of the club as easy as could be. We appreciated your dedication and contributions.

KR Booster Club on the Move!

On January 9th, the booster club executive board met again to discuss our next fundraiser and plans to distribute funds to member groups. Our next planning meeting will be held at Kentridge H.S. on Thursday, January 30th at 7:00 p.m. in Room B10. (Coaches/Parent Reps only)

All parents reps and coaches interested in participating in our fundraising events should attend.

Read the Fall 2014 President's Report

Fund distribution language to be added to the KRHSBC By-Laws will also be discussed.

Thank You Kentridge Community!

Thanks to the hard work of some Executive Board and Booster Club members during the December 7th Electronics Recycling event. People from the local community started lining up before we were setup at 10:00 a.m. and continued all throughout the day until we closed at 3:00 p.m. Over 10 tons of old TV's, refrigerators, computers, water tanks and many other electronic or metal objects were put into trucks and shipped away to recycling centers.

A special thank you to 1 Green Planet for running the event. They paid for mailing flyers and all the work done at the event. Donations of almost $2400 will go directly to supporting Kentridge H.S. activities and athletics.

Due to the tremendous response to the event, we plan to have another free recycling event in the spring.

Other fundraising activities are in the works. We appreciate any help we can get.

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Raise Money Through Goodsearch!

Goodsearch has new ways to raise money for your school, or in this case, our Kentridge Booster Club. Instead of just searching to earn money, you can click on the Goodsearch icon to go to their website and see the other ways you can earn money by clicking on the “more ways to raise” tab. Goodsearch is a search engine, similar to Google. Goodsearch can find images and search the web. Every search earns money for your cause. Read more...