Next Executive Board Meeting:Tuesday, January 6, 6:00 PM

Wild Garlic Restaurant, Fairwood.


The purpose of the Kentridge High School Booster Club, is to foster and promote the general welfare of the KR athletic and activity programs at school, in the community, and support fundraising opportunities, provide parent assistance, and promote awareness of the important relationship between success in academics and participation in athletics, clubs, and activities.

How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

- Join us and support the KR athletics and activities!

- Talk to us at our Meet & Greet table at home games.

- Share your expertise and ideas on successful fundraisers.

- You can now link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to our booster organization with Community Rewards. Every purchase you make with your Rewards card will help us earn a donation, and you will still keep your reward and fuel points and rebates. To find out more and how to register,Fred Meyers Rewards Instructions.pdf

- Use Goodsearch and Goodshop to earn money for boosters.

Details and more ways to help …


2014-2015 Executive Board

The new 2014-2015 Booster Club Executive Board has been selected. At the end of the school year meeting, Mrs. Kim Kaiser volunteered to become the 3rd KR Booster Club president. She was last year's vice president and was influencial in all of the club's activities. Her participation next year will guarantee that the group will continue on with the progress made by the 2013-2014 board.

Booster Club Executive Board History

In addition to Mrs. Kaiser, Mrs. Carrie Lantz and Mr. Dan Randolph have volunteered to become the new vice-presidents of the board. Mr. Randolph is actively involved at KR, helping the track team and supporting his son's and daughter's teams and activities. We welcome Mr. Randolph and Mrs. Lantz and know that they will become influencial members of the board.

Mr. and Mrs. Shine have volunteered to be co-secretaries for the board. This position was vacant last year due to a last minute resignation. Their role will provide much needed support to the success of our communication with the rest of the booster club.

Mrs. Anita Kallish has volunteered to be the new treasurer. Mrs. Kallish is an active member of the Kentridge PTSA group. She currently has a daughter and son who are members of the track and cross country teams.

A special thank you to last year's board for their service, especially our outgoing president, Mr. Cameron Thompson. Mr. Thompson served the past two year as president and accomplished several of the goals setup when he took office. The first success was to increase the membership of the group. The second major step was to move the club from simply provided checking accounts to member teams, to providing financial support. Thank you, Mr. Thompson. Your legacy will continue on.

Thank you, also, to Mrs. Lori Flemming for her service as our board treasurer. Her skilled financial organization made operations of the club as easy as could be. We appreciated your dedication and contributions.

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